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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  September 19, 2015 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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espn and the watch espn app. that's it for the ford wrapup. we'll see you next week. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150.
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the call for dip omsy and reconciliation. that's pope franci ' message to the people of cuba as he begins his historic visit there and then to the united states. but first we are following breaking news in new jersey. one person shot inside a good evening. many details about this shooting. >> but the prosecutor did shot. it happened been 7:30 in randolph, new jersey. that's in morris county. >> eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is there now with details. a.j. >> reporter: sandra, joe, that shooting happened at this shooting range in randolph. police have been here several hours conducting interviews and collecting evidence. at this hour the investigation seems to be winding down. this is video from earlier this evening as police converged on the property set back off of route 10 east. at this point investigators
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on the victim. they confirm an adult male was shot inside the facility around 7:30 this evening. they say this investigation is ongoing and they are in the preliminary stages and there is no threat to the surrounding community at this time. now, about 15 minutes ago a tow truck arrived on scene. it was taking a car here out of the lot. there is no word yet if that's the victim's car or whose car that may belong to. as we get more information on the status of the information you will be the first to know. tune into our website cbs aj ross. >> thank you very much. new tonight a man led police on a wild chase through the streets of upper manhattan. police tried to pull over a white van this morning side heights. that van took off heading north. the chase ended when the van hit another car in the sugar hill neighborhood in harlem. officers took two suspects into custody. no one was hurt during the
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police say they thought that the suspects had a gun. so far no weapon has been recovered. a search tonight in the bronx for a driver who may have intentionally run over another man. nypd says the victim got into a dispute with the driver at east 155th street and union then the driver hit him intentionally before speeding off from the scene. eyewitnesses were stunned. the victim is in critical condition. >> that was not something i was expecting to see sitting the park. kidsed in the park. they saw it, too. >> the victim there critical condition at this hour. in new jersey a 41-year-old father and his 3-year-old son remain in critical condition after a near drowning. lifeguards found them at the bottom of the pershing field indoor pool in jersey city about seven last night. they were treated at the pool before being rushed to the hospital. jersey city police are handling that investigation.
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we are just days away from new york city. tonight he is in cuba preparing in havana's revolution plaza in people. as i did upon his arrival tonight the pope is expected to push for continued diplomacy between cuba and the u.s. >> adoring crowds line the street to meet pope francis as he began his first visit to cuba. the pope touched down to a red carpet welcome from a military honor guard, flower bearing children and cubaen president raul castro. the pope asked him to convey respects to fidel castro. the pope waded straight into politics, praising the restoration between cuba and the united states that he helped broker. preserve on this path, the pontiff said, and set an example
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of reconciliation for the entire world. >> i have been saying thatle are the florida strait is what the papacy is to the john paul ii. he wants that wall to come down. >> reporter: the pope called the trip to cuba a mission of mercy. cubans and americans are eager to see how far he can go. >> i noticed that the winds of channing tavon paul brought here and continued with pope benedict and now pope francis , positive changes, are being felt. >> reporter: meanwhile, here in narcotic city people are preparing for the big traffic headaches that come with big events. bomb barriers, barricades, and no parking signs are popping up all over manhattan. next week the nypd will close down the streets around st. patrick's cathedral, the 9/11 memorial, a school in east harlem, central park, and madison square garden. >> you are not going to be able to move. >> it's going to be a madhouse.
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>> i am afraid. the traffic could be crazy. >> pope francis also will deliver a speech at the united nations. between the pontiff and some 170 world leaders in town for the general assembly, the east side security. eyewitness news is your go to source for everything on the pope's visit on air and online from his schedule to road changes. it's all on our website abc jackie collins has died. she lost her battle with breast cancer. a battle she september out of the public high until recently . she wrote the well known hold wives. collins' family released a statement saying she was a true inspiration and a trail blazer for women. colin was 77 years old. problems for passengers
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their plane clipped a fence at jfk. the mishap forced virgin atlantic to cancel the london bound flight. there was an apparent miscalculation as a tug pulled the jumbo jet back from the gate. no one was hurt. the airline worked to get passengers on other flights. police just releast lease -- released suspect video of a man they think raped a woman. it happened on 125th street in east harlem thursday about 5 a.m. she said she was sleeping on the street when she awoke to the having sex with her. police say the man is 5'8", hair. new tonight family members watch as their home goes up in flames. fire enboulevard that home in franklin park, new jersey. the heat melted neighboring houses. everyone got out safely. the family is staying with relatives. the cause of the fire is under investigation.
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a new jersey state trooper investigating an accident is the subject of yet another investigation when the window of his vehicle is shattered. that trooper was working a scene on i-78 in clinton township early this morning when an unknown object crashed through the window of his marked suv. the highway was shut down for hours as police searched for a suspect but came up empty handed. the driver from the initial accident suffered minor injuries. honors today for a new york city police officer who died in the line of duty. againada place in far rockaway queens is known as detective dennis e. guerra way. he died from smoke inhalation in april of last year. officers joined guerra's widow, four children and other family members for today's dedication. suspects get into a with police. the whole thing caught on
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what sparked the violent trace. an arby erupts in flames. and we are tracking a line of showers moving in from central pennsylvania, central new york. those are going to affect areas north and west of the city overnight. will they get out in time to make for a we're here in the streets of new york, spreading the news about the real possibilities aarp is creating across the five boroughs. because if you don't think real possibilities in new york city
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we're working with you to make new york city a better place to live, work, and play. fighting for you by taking on the issues that matter and rediscovering the city with you at discounted events all around town.
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new surveillance video from the nypd tonight. police are looking for two suspects in a string of armed robberies across southeast brooklyn in the past five weeks. they say the two men have stolen cell phones and electronic devices from five at&t and t-mobile stores. no one has been hurt. a veteran georgia police officer is recovering at home tonight after getting shot following a car chase. dashcam video shows the end of that chase at gas station near atlanta yesterday. police say they had following
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were suspected of illegal gun sales. when gunfire broke out a 20 year veteran officer was hit in the shoulder. the suspects were taken into custody? the suspect in the shootings in phoenix claims authorities have the wrong guy. police say leslie merit jr. shot at cars in phoenix. investigators say they have forensic evidence linking merit's guns to the shootings. they can only link him to four of the 11 shootings. >> all i have to say is that i am the wrong guy. i tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawn shop for the last two months. i haven't had access to a weapon. >> the judge set bail at $1 million. the 21-year-old landscaper says he cannot pay that bail, adding he has two children.
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said the break came after merit pawned the gun. an rv goes up in flames while being driven. a woman who lost consciousness trapped inside. that's when a navy veteran bravely put his life on the line and managed to go into that flaming vehicle and drag her to safety. the rv continued rolling down the street with the flames spreading to an suv that smashed into a parked car. ions say the -- eyewitnesses say the street looked like a war zone. premed students rush to help a pro foeser. they were studying at the library in north carolina when they heard shouts for help. this happened in durham. moment as volunteer emts. they were in uniform. they ran to help the fallen pulse. he was not breathing. the students performed cpr and used a defibrillator and saved his life. you can't really allow the
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nerves to get in the way. the nerves are more the adrenaline. >> we do so much training. training kicks in and just did what needs to be done. >> reporter: the importance of everyone going trained and bystander cpr, knowing what to do. >> that felt good. >> the professor is in the hospital tonight. doctors expect him to make a full recovery. after an unscheduled day off, donald trump was on the stump again tonight. the leader of the republican presidential pack defended himself over why he he didn't take issue with muslims and about president obama made during thursday's town hall meeting. comment democrats and some republicans say trump should have challenged. here is abc's elizabeth her. >> this is the first time in my life that i have caused controversy by not saying. i didn't say anything. >> reporter: back on the campaign trail in iowa saturday night, donald trump had his
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he did not say on thursday. reading from tweets sent out earlier in the day. >> am i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so. >> reporter: this is the exchange that has had hounded trump because his critics say he failed to repudiate the questioner's provacative remarks. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president the one. you know he is not an american. >> reporter: trump canceled a campaign stop next day. in iowa he fought back. >> they wanted me to speak up in favor of the president. do you think he is going to speak up in favor of me? >> reporter: hillary clinton busted a more with supporters. >> the way he handled the question about president obama was shocking. but not surprising. he has been trafficking in prejudice and paranoia through
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this campaign. >> reporter: later, donald trump was the guest of iowa's urbandale high school. >> would i consider putting a muslim american in my cabinet? absolutely no problem with that. >> reporter: he accepted an invitation to the homecoming celebration. >> the first contract recording contract ever signed by the beatles has sold at auction. heritage auction says the 1961 contract to record a version of "my bonnie lies over the question"went for $93,750. ringo starr's signature isn't on it. their version of "my bonnie lies over the ocean," was released in germany. a beautiful saturday the today.
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pretty perfect day. can you top it tomorrow? >> how about more perfect? >> is anything more perfect. >> nothing more perfect than perfect. >> i will think about that. >> temperatures in the upper 70s versus low 80s. a little bit more of a breeze. a little bit less humidity. that's what i'm talking about. >> perfect. >> towards the empire state building lit up in yankee pinstripes since they won in the subway series. laura will have that coming up in sports. the right now 74. humidity at 73%. it is a little bit sticky tonight. that wind coming in from the
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that's going to shift into a more northwesterly direction as we head towards tomorrow. that's going to usher in a drier air mass. the high today got up to 83 degrees. well above the norm for this time of year. we are supposed to get up to 74. 94 in 1983 was the record high. sun going down. a little depressing. before 7 p.m. now. fall officially begins, by the way, on the 23rd, which is wednesday. 70 in morristown right now. 64 monticello low 70s on the island and down the jersey shore. a cold front slicing through pennsylvania and upstate new york. this is spreading showers which are about to better sullivan county, ulster county. these will continue sweeping across the tri-state area overnight tonight. the southern end of this band of showers is tending to weaken. i don't think we are going to get much in the way of rainfall in new york city. the best shot at getting shower activity will be to the north and west.
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a low pressure area organizing. this might act to throw some clouds back into the region during the day tuesday. let's check out the short term futurecast. moving through through the pre-dawn hours from west to east. now, early tomorrow morning with the front situated just off to the south and east there might be an early morning shower south and east of new york city. east of long island, parts of the jersey shore, and we tend to clear things outs with a pretty good northerly flow of drier air. tonight 67. highs tomorrow we are talking upper 70s region wide. then by the time monday rolls around clouds and sun. more clouds coming into in the afternoon and that leads to a cloudier day on tuesday. overnight partly cloudy. a shower in spots after midnight. down to 67. partly cloudy, maybe a over eastern parts of long island at 7:00 in the morning. temperatures in the upper 60s. it's breezy and less humid
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during the course of the day with a mix of clouds and sun. 79. mainly clear tonight. upper 50s, even in new york city. decent day monday. 74. increasing clouds. mainly cloudy on tuesday. 73. fall begins on wednesday. that's the warmest day on the 7-day forecast. then temperatures trend downward into next week and back down it to 72 for a high for saturday. that's where we should be this time of the year. should be great weather for the pope that laura up next with sports. >> two weeks remain in baseball's regular season. the push for october is on. this weekend the spotlight is on flushing where the subway series has plenty of drama. today the yankees took center stage. well, the jets are eying an
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that means taking down the get this. i was at my shop tied up with a customer when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day.
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i'm sid.
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of course, you don't need to right the subway to appreciate the subway series. just a connection between the two. >> that's right. >> you can watch it on tv or watch the highlights. there is nothing like that subway series when that subway series has plant of meaning. the mets trying to shrink their
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number to clench the division. so after the amazings took game carlos beltran. michael pineda held down the for the on the mound allowing four hits in 5 1/3 scoreless innings. the line-up in the insurance category in the sixth inning. year. two rupp shot. that made it 5-0. the yanks bullpen pitching well. bases load for juan uribe. the yanks tie up >> every game is important for us. yesterday we had a game, being able to go out and score a lot of runs and hopefully win the game. didn't happen yesterday. today we accomplished that. >> well, as for the team the yanks are chasing, the blue jays hosting boston and blew this game in the ninth inning allowing the red sox to score
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their two-run deficit to get the come-from-behind win. 7-6. the jays lead. now down to three and a half games over the yanks. and while the mets lost, their magic number would shrink if the nationals last to the marlins. no such luck. bryce harper blastis 41st homer of the year. two-run home run. the nationals win. the mets' magic number is still at eight. and tomorrow cannot come soon enough for the giants who will look to put last week's heartbreaking loss in dallas behind them with a win over atlanta in the home opener. jon beason is doubtful to play. the jets get to wait an extra day to get the week two game on as they travel to indy to face the colts on monday night football. indianapolis took a tough loss in week one to rex ryan's bills. andrew luck under center. >> whether they are at home or on the road, i think they play well.
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